ETN GmbH provides analyses and evaluations specifically tailored to the client‘s particular R&D objectives.

  •     Development of optimized real time algorithms for the solution of very large systems of linear equations for a specific civil engineering application  
  •     Development of procedures for advanced analysis of manufacturing process signals  
  •     Identification of machine-tool-workpiece systems’ dynamic characteristics  
  •     Metal chipping process signal analysis: evaluation of the stochastical and deterministic signal content  
  •     Contribution to the analysis of a monocrystal part repair procedure  
  •     Expert opinion on material defects in carbide metal components  
  •     Assessment of the cyclic strength of materials (steel)  
  •     Conversion of raw material-data into a validated data base, ready for component layout design  
  •     Development of application standards and codes of practice for testing procedures (aerospace)  
  •     Evaluation of the industrial application potential of patents and property right  
  •     Investigation and optimisation of heat transfer conditions in geometrical complex configurations (compressible working medium)  
  •     Layout of an air / oil two phase fluid test bed  
  •     Development of modules for advanced on-line monitoring techniques for metals machining procedures (drilling, turning, milling, broaching)  
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